Nails & Fasteners - Sinker Nails

Nails & Fasteners – Sinker Nails

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Sinker Nails2 1/2" - 1 lb. box68230BX$3.99 Add to quote
Sinker Nails2 1/2" - 5 lb. box68231BX$12.99 Add to quote
Sinker Nails3 1/2" - 1 lb. box68232BX$3.99 Add to quote
Sinker Nails3 1/2" - 5 lb. box68233BX$12.99 Add to quote

Product Description

Sinker Nails

For Plywood, Framing, Flooring & Sheathing. Head Designed to Sink Flush with the Surface. Flat Countersunk Head with Diamond Point. Green Vinyl Coating for Ease in Driving.

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